Off to France

We are currently on our way to Plymouth on a cross country train service from Birmingham.
We probably won’t be back in Birmingham – so it was goodbye to the relatives for this trip.
Yesterday we had a nice day in Worcester (beautiful Cathedral).
The weather has not been good it has to be said! This morning it has not stopped raining since we got up at 6:00am (its currrently 9:20am – have been on the train for 1 hour and 20 minutes and almost in Bristol).
We spent a day in the centre of Birmingham a couple of days ago. Their new Bull-Ring shopping centre is the focus off the city centre – it is very impressive. The Staffordshire Horde is currently on display in the Art Gallery/Museum. (Google it if you have not heard of it – sorrry can’t insert links using the WordPress iPad App easily).
When we get to Plymouth, we will find a B&B for the night and we are then booked on a ferry to go to Roscoff in Brittany France & from there only a 100 clicks or so to our friend Richard in Camlez.
Bye for now, Dave & Jen
ps. I’ll add some pics to this post when I get a chance…