Jen & I spend a very nice 2 nights at a Bed & Breakfast in Pinjarra last year…
The location, quality of accommodation, food and facilities were very impressive.

One small thing we noted ( and mentioned to the owners ) was that the units had no flyscreens. They mentioned that that had considered flyscreens, but it would spoil the views to the outside…
We mentioned that a friend had purchased some flyscreens that were virtually see through and we later on passed on the details of the supplier.

Today they emailed to advise us that they had gone ahead and had them installed… ( This is some 5 months after we visited )

This was great to see and even more impressive that they took the time and trouble to let us know even sending 2 photo's showing them from inside and outside.

Happy to give them a plug – you bet: "Lazy River – Pinjarra(Lazy River)":