Day 5 – Road to Nhill :)

Entry for Thursday 23rd October…

ps ‘Road to Nhill’ is a 1997 Australian Movie…

IMDb Entry for Road to Nhill

The drive from Port Pirie was fairly un-eventful.  We navigated through suburban Adelaide OK.  Spent an hour looking around Mt Barker, as a friend comes from there.  In fact it is a really nice town, plenty of activity and a nice green vista.

We did pass a Land Rover on a stick in Keith 🙂  I missed it, but Jen thinks she snapped it – go figure !

We Arrived safely in Nhill and spent the night in the caravan park.  We went for a walk around the town – we were parked close to the road, so didn’t get a great nights sleep.

Sorry no pics again – I promise to get organised soon!