Day 3 – Cocklebiddy to Ceduna

Morning all,

A very quick update.

Yesterday was really just a day of driving, and today will be much the same.

Off to see the Whales (hopefully) and then on to Ceduna.

We have risen at 6:00am Perth time, so it is going to be a long day if we get there…

I will come back and fill in these entries with images in a couple of days.

Time is very confusing!  My iPhone has automatically switched to Eucla time, but my iPad is still in Perth 🙂

More info on Eucla Time

Eucla and the surrounding area, notably Mundrabilla and Madura, use the Central Western Time Zone of GMT+8:45 (in summer, GMT+9:45).  Although it has no official sanction, it is universally observed in this area, stopping just to the east of Caiguna.


Update: 8:45, Perth time, 11:15pm SA time

Arrived in Ceduna at around 5:30pm Perth time. Made good ground today.

Mostly driving, but did stop at Eucla to view the fantastic cliffs.

Then on to the ‘Head of the Bight’, where the Whales are up until the end of October, but sadly they had all gone home.  But a beautiful spot, fabulous cliffs and ocean.

We are in the Shelley Beach Caravan Park  for the night.  Very nice facilities and great location.

They had fresh  ‘Dubious Bay’ oysters for sale, so we purchased a dozen & washed them down with Coopers Sparkling Ale for our entre 🙂

All for now (once we get to Melbourne on Friday I will have more time to post some pics!)

Cheers, Dave