Day 12/13 Two nights in Ross

Wednesday/Thursday , October 31st – November 1st

Ross is a lovely little historic town in the centre of Tas. Fantastic old buildings, and a famous old bridge 1836 or thereabouts built by convicts of course. Curious old stones noting the mileage to Hobart town and Launceston town, obviously from 19 Century.

We visited the site of the “Female Factory” (Don’t ask!). Poor devils, so isolated from their families and friends. Jen doesn’t think she would have survived very long doing the washing, mending, darning and scrubbing they had to do under such harsh conditions. And the food OMG. Just a basic bit of meat and veg. No Brie and pinot..

We, however are the lucky ones, who can indulge in food and wine. The pub was great, for a meal , warm & toasty fires and nice people. Very country conviviality. Some lovely heavy artisan made woollen garments but alas not likely to be at all useful in Perth.

Still feels like it is going to snow and people keep scaring us that it is snowing and icey on the road south (we later found out this was not the case). Strange weather, one minute it is sunny and warm and the next minute you think it is going to snow. As they say if you don’t like the weather in Tasmania, just wait 5 minutes!

On our way now to Hobart town through Oatlands.

Ross Bridge


Ross Cemetary