A Catch Up

Beltany Stone Circle, Raphoe, Donegal Ireland
Beltany Stone Circle - Raphoe, Donegal Ireland

Hi everyone,  Sorry for the lack of postings, but we have either been travelling, having flight drama’s or on slow internet connections….


So here is a brief update…

  • Arrived in KL – experienced mad drivers & some nice rain.  Got taken out for a nice Indian meal in ‘Little India’.  Went to the top of the Menara Tower for some fantastic views.
  • Left early Saturday morning for the airport (another mad taxi driver!).  Had issues getting on the plane – My British passport came to the rescue (it even got Jen on board!).
  • 14 hour flight was pleasant but of course tiring.
  • Jumped onto the Standsted Express into London, a bit of Underground hoping to Eustace Station and onto the New Street Station Birmingham (via Coventry).
  • Then finally a Taxi ride to Great Barr to Joy Peevers house (my Auntie – Mum’s youngest sister.
  • Had lunch with her and my Cousin Chris.
  • Monday off to Birmingham International to fly to Derry – and the fun began !!!!!!!
  • Missed the Ryanair flight because we had not had our documentation stamped – Only Ryanair requires this for non EEU passengers!
  • No flight until Wednesday!  So off to the FlyBee desk – they were very helpful and suggested we book on-line to save money.  A 4:05pm flight to Belfast was the only option.
  • Went to the Hertz desk to change our Car pickup to Belfast – no problems.
  • A nice flight to Belfast on a prop plane – Bombardier Dash 8 – weather was a bit wintery, but no problems…
  • Went to the Hertz desk, but the car pickup had been changed to the International airport not the domestic !!!!  But all good, they had a brand new Ford Fiesta for us – which is very nice to drive.
  • 2 hour drive to Convoy Donegal – all good !
  • Arrived to find my dad had had a stroke Sunday afternoon and had been rushed to the Letterkenny hospital.
  • But the good news is that he has recovered quickly (he had one 2 years ago !) and we went to the Hospital this afternoon (Tuesday) and brought him home.
  • There is a surprise 90th birthday for him Friday night, so I hope the shock is not too much !
  • This morning went for a walk to the Beltany Stone Circle – a Mini Stonehenge.  On top of a hill with beautiful views of Raphoe and the surrounding countryside (see image!).

That’s all folks – sorry for so little news, will try better next time  😀