A big catch up

Sorry for those who have been regularly checking the site – just been too busy enjoying France, or too tired to bother 🙂

So here is a list of where we are at – it being many highs and lows.

Plese check back, as I wont enter this all in one go !

  • Arrived safely in Roscoff, Brittany. Met a nice couple from Duncraig who we shared a taxi drive into Morlaix. Found an Avis hire car at the train station (another Ford Fiesta!).
  • Headed to Camlez in Brittany – only an hour’s drive, but hit a kerb and wrecked the front right wheel 🙁 Was helped by a very nice lady who let us change the wheel in her driveway and provided us with refreshments.
  • Arrived in Camlez at Richard and Nadine’s house – I won’t try to describe how beautiful it is, wait for the pictures (and – wait for it – the Videos!!!)
  • Drank and ate, etc…. Great restaurants in the area.
  • Drove to Gangamp to the Avis branch there – paid for the damage and swapped the Ford Fiesta for a Renault, Megane (the only good thing that has happened with Avis – stay tuned for further info!)
  • Left Brittany and drove to Normandy to be in time to be on the beaches for the 6th of June. Went via ‘Mont St Michel’ – absolutely stunning – just a pity it was an overcast day!
  • Arrived in Mathieu, just north of Caen. Stayed with a wonderful family who could not do enough for us.
  • Spent the next day on the beaches of Normandy for the D-Day commemorations. A wonderful day, learnt so much. The US Cemetary is the most beautiful place (and of course very moving)
  • entries to come…
  • Left Paris in the pouring rain this morning – now on the Eurostar bound for London – or Beerland as I like to call it 🙂
  • Arrived safely in London – had to evacuate ‘Kings Cross Station’ after we got off the Eurostar (yes truly!). Found Hotel & below is an image showing where we are (blue dot!), nicely between Hyde Park and Regents Gardens!

More to come – stay tuned!